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Escape the Fuge - A New Take on Team Building

Hands-On Puzzles That Require Teamwork to Solve

Team Building puzzles like Tesla's Mystery at the FugeTeam building tends to come in two flavors: the big, outdoor type that is physical and hands-on, and the conference room type that tends to only engage the mind. Both are useful, but both also have their drawbacks. Physical and outdoors tends to have a much higher price tag. Boardroom-based events can sometimes feel contrived, taking your staff out of the experience.

Escape the Fuge escape rooms, on the other hand, give you the best of both worlds. Team members work together in groups of up to 12 people to physically touch items and move through rooms to solve mind-engaging puzzles. Escape rooms are as immersive as any outdoor activity but at a fraction of the cost. That makes them accessible to businesses of any size, not just the large corporations. In fact in 2019, Small Business Trends called escape rooms “a unique opportunity for team building.”

Escape rooms are:


Team members are immersed in engaging, complex puzzles.


Solutions require a group of people working together.


Solving puzzles through teamwork gives a sense of accomplishment.


Team members become closer as they learn how to work together.


The group intuitively works on conflict resolution.


Team members work towards a clear and attainable goal. 

If you are bringing in team members from out of town, we may be able to arrange a shuttle service between The Fuge and local hotels. We can also arrange for multiple groups if you are planning to bring more than 12 people to the event (the maximum available per escape room).

For larger groups, there is the opportunity to separately book other party and meeting rooms at The Fuge.

Contact us to find out more about your team building options: 215-420-4014

Escape the Ordinary! $34.95/Person


($29.95 Thursday)

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